Gaia Spirit Foundation
Live in harmony with the Spirit of the Earth!

The mission of Gaia Spirit Foundation is to promote the following:


Integral Gaia Yoga

Eco-spiritual studies

Art and literature related to eco-spirituality

Alternative and holistic healing/medicine

Creative and spiritual education courses

The integration of science and spirituality


Gaia Spirit Foundation (Registration No. 4621/12) is a non-profit Private Trust founded by Prabhath P in India.

Integral Gaia Yoga

Prabhath’s great-grandmother Karthyayani was a spiritual intuitive, channel and holistic healer, in a scenic village called Chavara in the Kollam district of Kerala, a tiny state in  South India, renowned for its natural beauty.
Until her passing in 1989, she practiced a unique healing and spiritual path for around 45 years. Her spiritual practice had roots in ancient wisdom, Integral Tantra, mudras (sacred healing hand gestures), channeling, integral intuition, dreamwork, the Goddess tradition and Earth spirituality.

Since 1989, Prabhath has carried on the Light of that tradition, and has also evolved it further, by studying and exploring various spiritual and scientific systems. Currently, it is called Integral Gaia Yoga.

The scientist James Lovelock created the hypothesis, which sees Earth as a self-­organizing super-organism, and named it after the Greek Earth Goddess Gaia. Though Lovelock does not recognize Earth as a sentient consciousness, the awareness of Earth as a Divine superconsciousness, existed in ancient times in many cultures.
Integral Gaia Yoga is an eco-spiritual way of life that can help people to live and create their personal, professional and spiritual destiny in tune with the Spirit of the Earth, and also promote Unity in Diversity, Peace, Love, Compassion and Joy.
The most important aspects of Integral Gaia Yoga include Integral Dimensions Meditation, Integral Intuition, Integral Gaia Healing & Mudra Yoga, Innernet Navigation & Integral Dreaming, and Integral Gaiaesthetics & Integral Intuitive Art.
Shrine of Gaia:

Grandma used to do her spiritual practice in a thatched hut shrine. A small new shrine was constructed in its place later. The sacred Banyan Tree in front of the shrine grew on its own, years ago.
A new shrine will be built here to be further evolved as the Earth Shrine, the Bhoomi Devi Temple, the Shrine of Gaia, the Earth Goddess, a sacred space everyone can visit, irrespective of religion, beliefs, caste, creed and nationality.  It is envisioned as one of the manifestation centers for promoting an eco-spiritual, post-religious, post-rational, integral and multidimensional Consciousness on Earth.
Eco-spiritual studies

Eco-spirituality integrates ecology with spirituality. It is anchored in the understanding that there is a spiritual dimension to our current ecological crisis triggered by the destruction of our planet’s ecological balance through human activities. Eco-spirituality considers Nature, Earth and the Cosmos as sacred. In the eco-spiritual view, Earth is a living organism with physical, biological and spiritual aspects. This approach does not see the human race as the ruler of all other creatures, but respects all non-human beings of Earth too as equal and integral parts of the biosphere. Earth is recognized as a living super-organism with rights.
The climate change process that threatens Earth and humanity cannot be resolved by mere technological methods alone. The human species has lost the intuitive spiritual connection and communion with Earth’s interconnected and interdependent web of life. It is this disconnection that has caused humanity’s alienation from Nature, making the economic fundamentalist sections of society exploit and plunder the planet’s resources and life-giving eco-systems for their unbridled greed.
The well-being of each individual and our future generations depends on our ability to stop polluting Earth and evolve a green lifestyle in a spiritual way to regain the lost communion with Earth.  In this context, the promotion of eco-spiritual studies to create awareness about an Earth-friendly way of life has become urgent and important. Gaia Spirit Foundation plans to spread the seeds of this awareness in all areas of human life  through eco-spiritual studies and social experiments.
Eco-spiritual Art and Literature
Art and literature can capture human imagination in powerful ways. The impact of ideas and awareness related to eco-spirituality can be multiplied exponentially, if promoted through art and literary works. So, Gaia Spirit Foundation will ignite and fan the fire of such creative, artistic and literary initiatives.
Creative and Spiritual Education Courses

Current methods of learning and education neglect the intuitive, creative and spiritual aspects, leading to a lopsided and incomplete development of the individual and society. The children are mechanically programmed with information, knowledge and skills that meet only the requirements of the dominant social, religious, economic and technological structures within which they live.

The central feature of such education is a win/lose paradigm of competition, arising from the mistaken assumption that you can gain anything in life only by making everyone else lose. Also, there is an overemphasis on rational modes of learning in most mainstream educational institutions. The products of this type of utilitarian education become mere employable cogs in the massive machinery of a society that is driven mostly by economic considerations. This approach has resulted in humanity losing the intuitive and spiritual connection with the living Earth too.

Gaia Spirit Foundation aims to promote a deeper creative, intuitive, spiritual and integral learning process that includes mind, body, spirit, and all aspects of our experience as human beings on Earth, for manifesting our infinite potential.


Alternative and Holistic Healing/Medicine

Modern scientific medicine, with its techno-mechanistic curative approach, though useful in medical emergencies and in managing chronic diseases to some extent, often ends up producing more dangerous side-effects than the diseases it tries to cure. It is also controlled by the profit-oriented pharmaceutical industry.


Alternative and holistic healing systems have emerged to counter this trend. Many of these healing methodologies had existed as aspects of ancient indigenous medicine, all over the world. The holistic approach takes into account the roles of the mind, body and spirit in the cure and prevention of diseases, along with maintaining a lifestyle that helps to create lasting health.

Gaia Spirit Foundation aims to promote and support both cutting-edge research and practice in the alternative and holistic modes of healing such as Ayurveda, Homoepathy, Siddha, Yoga, energy healing, spiritual healing, ecological healing and many other indigenous ways of medicine. The foundation will help to develop scientific medical methods also, which are in harmony with the ecological web of life and Gaia Consciousness.
The Integration of Science and Spirituality
The fanatic proponents of scientific rational materialism dismiss everything connected to intuitive and spiritual experiences as unreal woo. On the other hand, the conventional religious and spiritual fundamentalists who oppose the rational view claim that the material world is an illusion that prevents our ascension to heavenly realms.

These extreme materialist and spiritualist perspectives are the result of the subject/object duality and the false mind/body split. We have to go beyond the artificial spiritual/scientific division, towards the realization that the ‘inner’ reality and what we brand as the ‘outer’ reality are, in fact, interconnected aspects of the same integral Ultimate Reality. We need spiritual inner technology and scientific technology that evolves in harmony with the Earth’s web of life and the spiritual intuitive dimensions. Gaia Spirit Foundation endeavors to foster the integration of science and spirituality for an integral evolution of humanity and the living Earth.